Why should I have a professional videographer capture my wedding, I already have a photographer?

Yes, a photographer is a must but you should also have a videographer there to capture every moment too.  If you had to choose between looking through photos or watching your video, which would you choose?  Video captures the many sights and sounds that you can have for generations to show your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family and friends!  Don’t make the mistake most brides make, wishing they had their wedding day videotaped after the day has gone by.

But I’m going to have a family member videotape my wedding, which should be good enough, right?

If Uncle George has been videotaping events for 10 years then yes, that’s probably good enough.  But ask yourself, what is good enough? Remember, Uncle George wants to stop and take the time to talk to other relatives and may miss a moment when a professional will not miss any important moments.  Your wedding day only happens once, who would you feel more comfortable videotaping your wedding?

How much experience does Memories that Last have?

I’ve been videotaping weddings and other special events for over 10 years.

Do you bring lighting to the dance floor?

Yes, I don’t want to capture a grainy picture.  I want the best quality picture for you!

Do you use microphones?

Yes, during the ceremony the groom will wear one to capture the vows clearly.  I also use microphones if I’m interviewing guests or the wedding party.

Do you offer samples of your work?

Yes, you can see my samples online or I’ll be happy to mail you a wedding DVD demo.

Do you edit my footage?

Yes, I add titles, transitions, and music of your choice.  Most packages offer a Highlight Video which includes clips from throughout the day with music of your choice in the background.  I also work with your photographer to use a few photos for the DVD cover and the DVD.

What type of camera do you have?

HD Canon XH-A1S, 3 CCD professional digital video camera.  Provides stunning bright vibrant colors even in low light which is superior to most consumer cameras that have 1 CCD.

Your wedding day only happens once, have

Memories that Last capture your memories forever!

Why should I hire a professional videographer for

my wedding?


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